Our event rental section is growing! Flatware, tablecloths, popcorn machine, dinner service items. Tell us what you think we should purchase next!
     Celebration Boulevard - Purple NapkinSatin Napkins: Purple 17×17 $0.45 each
     white napkinCloth Napkins: White or Eggplant  $1.00 each
      Celebration Boulevard - FlatwareMixed Flatware: Service for 150             $0.25 per piece
     wine glassWine Glasses: 8.5oz                                $0.50 each
     champagne glassFluted Champagne Glasses                $0.45 each
     water and beer gobletWater Goblets (can use for Beer)     $0.45 each
     Celebration Boulevard - Tablecloth, White 60 inch RoundLinens: 90” White or Black Rounds $10.00
     black linenLinens: Black 6 or 8 Foot  $18.00
     white linenLinens: White 6 or 8 Foot $18.00
     Celebration Boulevard - Beverage DispenserGlass Beverage Dispenser, 224 ounces, with Ice Chamber Insert $7.50
     Celebration Boulevard - Popcorn PopperCommercial Popcorn Popper on Cart (popcorn packs available) $30.00
Popcorn packs also available