Corporate Services

  • Meetings & Conferences

    We’ve attended hundreds of meetings and conferences over the years. We couldn’t wait for the day to end at some of them! Making it comfortable and easy for attendees makes your organization look good and increases the benefits of attendance. We know how to make it great for your attendees from welcome to departure.
  • Expos & Trade Shows

    Industries can benefit from offering events to the public, but only if it doesn’t take too much time and energy away from the day to day running of the businesses. We take care of the details from working with the venue, promotions, registering the participating vendors, and managing the day-of work. There are methods for maximizing the profit of participation to the business.
  • Monthly Office Gifts

    This service was born of an employee’s excitement at having a gift delivered to her workgroup for by the supervisor for no particular reason. That workgroup felt valued and appreciated. We now deliver a gift basket on a monthly basis. Each month has a different theme: coffee & tea, fun desk accessories, Humboldt deliciousness, heart healthy, chocolate coma, YOU name it!
  • Logo Products

    We store promotional items for many corporate clients. We’ll keep your mugs, notepads, business cards, etc., on hand so that when you need a gift sent, we can get it out quickly. When you are providing a gift basket for a fundraising event, we’ll put your items front and center so everyone knows you are a supportive donor.
  • Promotional Leave Behind Gifts

    We know that those sale calls can be tough. Employees are busy when you stop in and can’t always talk. If you leave behind a gift box with yummy goodies along with your promotional materials, they will be talking about you when they are snacking and looking over your materials. When you stop in next time, they are likely to remember you! We’ll brand the gift as coming from your company.